Balance & Wound Care

Balance Care


Normal balance is the hallmark of good health. Conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart problems, inner ear problems and intake of many commonly prescribed drugs can affect your balance. Loss of balance resulting in a fall is an extremely dangerous event with serious ill effects on health. Fractures due to falls can cause loss of independence, long rehabilitative periods and medical complications. The good news is that fails due to loss of balance are largely preventable.

We have a specially trained workforce involving doctors, nurses and physiotherapists to tackle the issues of loss of balance. A full medical assessment, including appropriate laboratory tests and an evaluation by a senior physiotherapist, forms the cornerstone of our treatment approach. Periodic evaluation by the team over several weeks will help restore balance in parents and help them regain their lost confidence.

Wound Care

Wound healing is a complex process which requires specialized care to prevent any chance of infection. Proper cleaning and dressing of the wound can accelerate the healing process.

We have selected and trained nurses and doctors who are specialised in this area. Wound care, also requires coordination with the other physicians, for instance, the diabetologist, to monitor sugar levels, or other factors that could affect the treatment plan. After taking all of this into account and liaising with the patient’s primary physician, We provide comprehensive care in the comfort of your home.

Our caregivers are trained to assist in the recovery from acute surgical wounds, trauma wounds, burns, chronic wounds, pressure injuries and infected wounds. Our aim is to improve the patient’s comfort, accelerate healing and ensure that no further complications arise.

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