Post Stroke & Transplant Care

Post Stroke care

Post Stroke care requires expert monitoring – the care plan needs to be personalised depending on type of stroke and the amount of brain tissue that was affected. The long-term goal of rehabilitation is to improve function and quality of life so that the survivor can become as independent as possible. With adequate care, the probability of a repeat incident can be greatly reduced.

Stroke patients undergo both physical and emotional strain due to temporary or permanent loss of some motor, speech or other functions. Our clinical team considers all the physical aspects and is also sensitive to the emotional aspects of the patient’s traumatic experience and factors these in while devising the treatment plan.

The primary goal of our treatment plans is to help the patient regain normal function, to ensure their overall well-being and help them gain independence in everyday routine to the maximum extent possible.

Post Transplant Care

Post Liver transplant

The duration of hospitalisation post-liver transplant ranges between 7-10 days for most patients. The post-discharge, recuperation period of around 90 days, is most crucial, as this is when majority of the healing takes place, during which time any failure to comply with the immunosuppression medical regimen can cause post-transplant organ failure. We ensure close follow-up with the transplant team and primary care physician to achieve the best possible outcome. The patient’s quality of life is significantly improved with adherence to medication schedules, adapting to lifestyle changes, and implementing infection-prevention techniques.

Care provided by us:

  • Expert medical care to make the extent and quality of the patient’s life better.
  • Post-surgery pain management
  • Diet management
  • Incision care
  • Physiotherapy for quicker recovery
  • Assistance in activities of daily living
  • Infection control measures and monitoring vitals
  • Medication management
  • Close monitoring for post-surgery complications like graft rejection, etc.

 Post Kidney transplant

The duration of hospitalisation post-kidney transplant can be up to 7 days after surgery. During the initial recovery period, adequate care is essential, and medicines must be taken on schedule. The new kidney may start functioning immediately, or it may take up to a few weeks before it takes over normal kidney function and starts clearing waste from the body. Nursing care can make a huge difference to the patient during this transition phase.

Our skilled nurses will monitor all vitals and warning signs like pain or swelling, all at the patient’s home. Follow-up visits will be scheduled for the first one to two months until complete recovery.

Care provided by  us:

  • Monitoring temperature, blood pressure, weight, intake, and output of the patient as per doctor’s instructions
  • Medication and diet management
  • Assistance in activities of daily living
  • Diabetic management
  • Catheter management
  • Accompanying the patient for follow-up visits if required
  • Preventing infections
  • Maintaining personal hygiene
  • Reporting symptoms of infections to the medical team
  • 24/7 nursing care
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