Tracheostomy care

Tracheostomy care


Treatment associated with tracheostomy care can only be addressed by qualified professionals – This is where Our hwealthcare comes in. Special care is essential to keep a Tracheostomy patient comfortable and well taken care of at home.

Daily assessments and management of a tracheostomy tube as per doctor’s instructions, dressing changes in case of drainage from the site or irritation from the tube on the skin – these are some of the instances that require professional nursing care. Additionally, patients often require assistance in activities of daily living, monitoring vitals and routine clinical care. These are also the various aspects that we cater to in the patients’ own homes.

Care provided by us:

  • Tracheostomy skin care
  • Suctioning the tracheostomy tube for clearing the mucus, proper breathing and avoiding chest infections.
  • Changing and cleaning the tracheostomy tube
  • Cleaning and disinfecting respiratory supplies
  • Getting showered/Bathed Shaved
  • Support with eating and drinking
  • Incontinence management
  • Medication management
  • PEG Feeding
  • Catheter Care
  • Monitoring vitals
  • 24 hour nursing care
  • Monitoring fluid intake
  • Attending to post Insertion complications and Emergency care
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